The Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) has signed exclusive mineral resource reconnaissance Technical Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with Excalibur Exploration Limited. Under the terms of the TCA Excalibur have committed to a 4 year work program to provide a technical appraisal of the mineral resource potential of the SADR. The work program is split into two phases each of 24 months.

Phase One


  • Conduct a full technical overview of the mineral potential of the onshore SADR, to include adjacent activity in neighbouring countries, from all available data sources
  • Acquisition and analysis of regional satellite data and preparation of a digital database
  • Field reconnaissance visits and reports with appropriate analysis of samples collected
  • Completion of integrated assessment (satellite mapping tied to field observations and sampling)


  • Preparation of hydrogeological maps of the Liberated Territories utilising satellite imagery and any available legacy geological data
  • Collation of all water-well data (including well location, flow rate, and if practical, analysis of water produced)
  • Site investigation of existing water-well and natural water sources
  • Report detailing key factors currently limiting water production and recommendation of forward programme
  • Assistance with planning water-well drilling programme

Phase Two

  • Detailed analysis of all available satellite and photographic/remote sensing data over areas of interest highlighted in Phase One
  • Detailed ground reconnaissance of areas of interest
  • Field mapping, geophysical surveying and detailed sampling of areas of interest (as appropriate), and mineralogical/geochemical analysis of samples as required
  • Completion of the agreement will earn Excalibur certain mineral prospecting rights within the SADR as detailed in the agreement.

27 March 2007